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Movers are there to solve this problem. They are people with a great expertise in moving goods from one location to another safely. They are specialized in transferring both commercial and residential set ups to places. Distance does not matter for them.

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Last Minute Movers

If you need to move in a hurry and are planning to use a Full-Service mover, complete the form below to request FREE quotes from licensed and insured movers.

The advantage of using our Last Minute Move system is you will only hear from movers who can and want to service your move. Being a last minute mover has never been so easy!

The very first step towards it the selection of a professional and expert mover. There are many aspects which need to seen before finalizing the deal with a mover. After getting a list of movers you need to verify their credibility in the market. You are required to inform them about the place relocating and your preferred timing to move. Ask for a copy of the details of estimate and the services they are offering. You can chose the best suitable for you out of them by comparing their details.

You must go through and understand the things written in the document that explains everything about their services and the customer's rights and responsibilities.

Especially in case of moving to a different state you will be given a booklet entitled "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move". You will also be made aware of the program regarding dispute settlement and mover's participation in it. Dispute might arise in case of any loss and damage to the household goods in course of transportation.

FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has made the distribution of this document necessary as a step to lessen the number of disputes concerning losses and damages to the articles. Understanding the terms and conditions and dispute settling program properly can help a lot in a move which is devoid of any stress whatsoever.

However, it is very essential to make necessary arrangements 4 to 6 weeks in advance before moving. Before finalizing a mover, make sure that you have understood;

  • The applied rates and charges.
  • How much liable your mover is for your belongings.
  • The modus operandi of pickup/delivery.
  • what do you have as claims and protections.

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