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Movers are there to solve this problem. They are people with a great expertise in moving goods from one location to another safely. They are specialized in transferring both commercial and residential set ups to places. Distance does not matter for them.

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20 Tips and Tricks for an Organized House Move

While preparing for moving which is really full of stress and chaos, some tips may work very effectively. You can find some of the tips her to make make your move organized and stress less:--
  • USE A MOVING CHECKLIST. Making a checklist of what has to be done prior to and after the move will help you a lot in moving with a great peace of mind.
  • LEAVE IT BEHIND. If you consider something to be useless to carry, don't waste your effort and time on it. Avoid moving the things which you really don't need at all as it will give you unnecessary mental and physical weariness.
  • GET RID OF CLUTTER. Broken tools, old toys, and useless possessions are subject to raising unnecessary disturbance and they must be disposed of. You can give them to charity also.
  • ENLIST ANY HELP YOU CAN GET. Get the help in packing and unpacking if you have some in your family or friends. Your children being old enough does eliminate the need of asking other people for help as they can contribute a lot of effort.
  • BOX IT. Availability of boxes in assorted size makes gives you a lot of comfort in packing. You can collect them from you local shops. Ensure their cleanliness and a fairly good condition to use them for packing. Make sure that they have the covers to be sealed with tape. Liquor boxes work as an excellent packing material for packing glasses, goblets and vases. Lids of those liquor boxes must be there.
  • USE THE A-B-C SYSTEM. Prioritize the items to be packed on the basis of their need and time. You don't need everything to be unpacked on the very first day itself. Based on their need you can tag them as "A" for first priority, "B" for second priority and "C" for third priority. At your destination you can unpack them in A, B, C order.
  • WRAP IT. Wrapping materials play an important role in the safe and secure transfer of your goods. For wrapping, use Kraft paper, tissue paper and shock- resistant corrugated paper and avoid tidiness of your items. Plenty of wrapping material is needed which you can purchase from your local merchants or the mover.
  • MARK IT. For marking the boxes, felt pens prove to be an ideal tool. Typically, information such as contents, destination room, fragile or this side up on the boxes are written effective handling of the shipment.
  • LIGHTEN UP. Do not make the cartons too heavy to lift and handle. Lighter the carton lesser is the effort to handle. By standard, a carton should not weigh more than 50lbs.
  • ROOM BY ROOM. Eliminate the chance of confusion by packing the contents room by room in separate boxes. This will save you a lot of time while unpacking.
  • PACK EARLY. Start packing 20 days or a month earlier. Begin with the packing in area like cellar, attic, garage, having items of least use.
  • MAKE A SURVIVAL KIT. Before you move into your new home, you are advised to make a survival kit which may include food (non-perishable), plates of paper, utensils of plastic, water bottle, a torch, towels, bedsheets, toiletries, a blanket, paper/pen etc. This kit will help you get through the night comfortably you get late in unpacking or your mover does not turn-up.
  • HAVE SOMEONE WATCH THE KIDS. Young children might disturb you at the time of packing or unpacking and they need extra attention in such scenarios. Therefore, you need to get someone to babysit them for the time when you are involved in the preparation of your move. This way, you will be able to accomplish much more tasks related to your move.
  • USE THE ONE ROOM RULE. To get relief and a moment of sigh for removing tiredness attained from unpacking or other activities, it is always a good idea to set up one room first with no cartons and boxes. Do it as quickly as possible. This room will prove to be a great place for a break.
  • DEVISE A PLAN. Planning before packing will you t do so very smoothly. Make out a plan with your family members and ascertain the packing responsibility of every member who is mature enough to do so.
  • HAVE A TOOL KIT ON HAND. While setting up a new home some basic tool are needed every now and then. So have a toolbox with you which might include hammer, screwdrivers, nails, hooks, etcetera
  • FUNCTION BEFORE FORM. The best idea is arrange the furniture first and then unpacking the accessories and personal items.
  • SET THE BED READY. Setting up the bed first will give a very relaxed moment in late night when you finish your unpacking for the day.
  • LET EVERYONE KNOW. All you well wisher must know that you are leaving the place. Inform them with a letter or email.
  • GET ACQUAINTED. After occupying your new house, yous must devote some day to know the surroundings. Look for the local supermarket, bank and post office. Find out where the nursing homes and hospitals are. Get a bit acquainted with the city and then start your life.

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