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Movers are there to solve this problem. They are people with a great expertise in moving goods from one location to another safely. They are specialized in transferring both commercial and residential set ups to places. Distance does not matter for them.

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People Mover

A light rail or tram system used to carry people to a destination is known as a people mover. This type of mover is typically used in areas which are smaller like airport or theme park. An elevated single rack loop in these smaller areas can be defined as people mover. However, sometimes it has a complex system.


Hectos are the shuttles which simply move back and forth and designed for shot distances.

An automated gateway transit is for mass transit with multi station systems. A rubber tired vehicle led by a guiding track is the main part of the system. North East MRT Line and Singapore MRT's are some heavy lines and they do not come under AGT. Another stem is PRT (Personal Rail Transit) which runs a navy of small taxis in a network with off line stations. This system serves the passenger non stop.


At Tampa International Airport in US, the very people mover came into function in the year 1971. The VAL got the credit of being the world's first AGT in Lille, France in the year 1983. However it is subject to some contradictions with the Kobe's Port Liner establishes two years earlier in 1981. Nevertheless, VAL in Lille is referred as the first AGT that started functioning in an urban area.

In Europe and some parts of Asia, metros devoid of drivers are very commonly run.

In Europe and Asia common use of vehicles deprived of driver can be observed. Small scale installation of automated trains are so economical that it has become a feasible option for the smaller cities like Lausanne, Rennes etc where there is no enough space for metro. Therefore, almost every smaller cities are choosing to have this kind of transportation system. At large airports and hospitals in the United States APMs are very common.

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